Kid-friendly phones for your beloved kids


With the advancement in technology, everything is now transformed into something mobile. Well, we could not deny the rapid growth of the need for mobile phones or cellular phones as they are popularly called. As a device, it has been a part of the modern way of living. But, have you ever asked if a cellular phone would be good for kids as well?


Kids are now living with the modern society as well. But, for parents, do you see the advantage of buying a cell phone for your child? If you do, you could definitely consider different factors. When you are sure about the idea, you have some options to consider in choosing the perfect cellular phone for your kid.


  • Verizon Migo


This is a phone which comes in bright green color and is very suitable for children ages 5 to 9. This includes in its wonderful features such as 5 buttons for speed dialing and what is great is that one button is for emergency calls. Just see to it that you are able to program this one via Internet. This feature is so helpful and it is actually the best feature for your child. It enables the child to contact the people he needs urgently with not much hassles.


  • Disney Mobil


Many could testify that indeed this is one of the coolest when it comes to the cellular phone industry. Made by a dependable name, an original LG flip phone, this is the hippest for those who are 11 to 15 years old. This has been getting the fame for it is undeniably cool and useful. This cellular phone is definitely a must-have for your kids. The features it has are definitely worth the price. You would get entertained with its variety of whistles and tones. This also includes a camcorder, colored screen, camera with flash. You could also give a touch of your personality by customizing the ring tones and the display screens. What more? Voice dialing and caller ID.


  • Cingular Firefly


2005 is the year for this phone. This is considered to be the simplest but one of the most practical choices for your kids. This is specially-built for those kids aging from 5 years old and up. This phone is conventional and is very user-friendly.


  • Tictalk


From Enforma, this cellular phone is for those who are looking for that rugged type of cellular phone. This would totally be enjoyed by your child for it is so cool, made with 5 games which are highly-educational such as Hangman and Monkey Math. It is easy to use and really a fun gadget for the youngsters.


These are the best four choices you could think of for your kids. They have unique features and really deserve your try and trust. With communication, nothing could be considered a barrier.

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